Consolidating student loans increases total repayment dating antonym

The company offers a variety of student specific loans, including loans for undergraduate and graduate students, loans for career training, loans for medical and dental residencies, and loans for law students preparing for their bar exams.

Sallie Mae also offers extensive 529 College Savings Plans for students and their families, as well as banking services and student friendly insurance policies for health, auto, home and tuition.

A private refinance loan can combine existing federal student loans and/or private student loans into a new, single loan.

Offered by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, a private refinance loan can reduce the pressure on your budget, making it easier to manage your education debt.

Sallie Mae specializes in providing affordable loans for college students at every stage of their development.Like all private lenders, Sallie Mae’s borrowing limits, interest rates and repayment plans are contingent on the borrower’s credit history.For those students holding Federal loans which are being managed through Sallie Mae, borrowing limits and repayment schedules will be set by the government.The last thing you want to do is consolidate your loans into a repayment plan that ends up costing you more!Whether on your own or with a student loan finance specialist by your side, officially starting the process to combine your student loans begins with a lot of paperwork.

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