Dating antique prints

Mathias Merian was a publisher in Nuremburg, Germany. Buffon Exotic Animals Hand Colored Engravings, Framed in rag and under UV glass.

The trio of antique prints need to be sold as a set of 3.

The prints measure 8 x 11.” They mat beautifully to 11 x 14 or 12 X 16.” The prints are in near perfect condition. Have you ever seen any of these animals in your travels?

Rare hand colored engraving by Compte de Buffon 1749-1761. Buffon had great inherited wealth and wanted to depict all living species. These are copper plate engravings on fine hand made hand laid linen rag with superb water color illumination. Oliver Goldsmith Exotic Animal Life produced c.1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland. These are old hand colored engravings of a leopard, zebra and elephant. They measure 4×6 1/4.” Vintage rhino and elephant prints will finish off your TRAVEL room just right! We have old prints of ELEPHANTS, ZEBRA, and LARGE CATS! Antique prints of jungle animals from Sumatra and India…

It has a deep stuff over seat with scrolled and carved skirt with carved mask to the centre.

It stands on carved cabriole legs and is covered in a gold velvet fabric in very good condition.

Printmaking is a very old art form, dating, in the case of woodblock prints, to 9th-century China.

Other things to look for on women are the presence and size of a bustle and the fullness of the skirt.At first, printmaking techniques were not employed merely to allow an artist to produce multiple copies of a single image.Woodcuts, for example, were ways for publishers to illustrate...Engravings and lithographs of birds, plants, fruit, insects, are represented in the Museum’s print collection.Subjects include 19th century lithographs of birds and mammals by John James Audubon, hummingbirds by John Gould, reptile and amphibian engravings from Colonial America by Mark Catesby, and 17th century German botanicals by Basil Besler.

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