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Hello Phương Thanh, Often there is little logic to why we say 'make' or 'do' -- it's simply that we say 'make' with some things and 'do' with others.

You can read a bit more about this on our delexical verbs page and in the Do or make? If you have any other questions after reading those pages, please let us know and we'll be happy to help you. Rob : Anyway, I wanted to look at some of the vocabulary of love and romance that came up. Hi Nizam Balinese, Both are quite possible here and can be used interchangeably in this context without any change in meaning.

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In our data, all five of Pawłowski and Dunbar’s categories appear as statistically significant key semantic domains, and we find other statistically significant categories.

As a professional people watcher her unique work has been featured in CNN, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Inc, Business Insider and more.

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You’ll get confused about how your loved one feels about things based on how they use their words or possibly even the lack of.

You’ll probably find the difference in culture to be challenging.

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