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I haven't had sex with any girl who wasn't 'working'. I am a man who has put in the time and work and courage to improve my life. I've read the first 90 pages of the manifesto, and it's like reading my own autobiography. I'm currently applying for English teaching jobs overseas, so I can get a girlfriend based on the Murr'kin factor, i.e. But I'm concerned that this might not work as well as I expect it to. How long before my lack of skill with women catches up to me? So I've written a story about my life, from the beginning up until the present, with a focus on girls and game. I was born in 1985, and had a reasonably happy childhood.I've read up on different schools of game, tried many out, kept a journal of my interactions, reviewed what I did right and what I could improve on, and generally conquered every woman-related fear that I could identify.My philosophy on game, and life in general, could pretty much be summed up as follows: "If you're afraid of it, all the more reason to go and DO it." I feel that whatever's blocking me from getting laid, inevitably has to do with fear - and so if I keep noticing fears and promptly taking the courage to overcome them, then eventually all of that fear-conquering will lead to improvement in my life.Game is the skills development required to help men stop talking women out of fucking them. Otherwise, he would be a fool to dismiss the idea of thinking critically about his interactions with women.” First, and after I dismiss the drivel (for the second time) that only celibate men disagree with him, we probably ought to give him a cookie for only taking three more paragraphs to inch just a smidgeon closer to what he is talking about when he defines Game.Yes, Game is about “success” with women; meaning fucking them.

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