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Some Remington portables do not carry the Remington name.

In the early 1900s, Remington gained control of the Smith Premier typewriter company and also introduced the Monarch frontstroke typewriter.

The Model 8 shotguns share similar construction, styling, and share many parts with the Model 760 and 740 rifles.

The 760 featured a detachable box magazine, dual action bars, and a removable aluminum trigger group.

Thus, in 1875, Remington entered the cartridge revolver market with this big-frame, army style revolver, intended to compete with the Colt Peacemaker.

Introduced to compete with Colt's single-action Army revolvers, this Remington design failed to meet with the commercial success made by Colt's model due to the Hartford firm's two-year head start in production and sales.

Production of military arms had forced manufacturers to streamline production and use more economical methods and materials that were not adaptable to most earlier designs.

The Remington portable typewriters of the twenties and thirties are a familiar sight in antique shops and flea markets across the U. However, it is difficult to find information about these machines.

Many of them are charming and attractive, and there are few collectors who don't have at least one.

These names were perpetuated through the 1930s, so that there are "Smith Premier" and "Monarch" versions of many Remington models.

The Monarchs are labeled as made by the American Writing Machine Co. Mark Adams writes, "It seems a Walter Drey, perhaps also the same Walter Drey who was the co-founder of Forbes, organized a Monarch Typewriter Company as a selling agency for rebranded Remington typewriters during the Great Depression.

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