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I've also tried putting everything into Final Cut and exporting with Compressor: Name: MPEG-2 for DVD Description: MPEG-2 elementary stream for DVD Authoring File Extension: m2v Estimated size: 2.25 GB/hour of source Type: MPEG-2 video elementary stream Usage: SD DVD Video Encoder Width: 720 Height: 576 Pixel aspect ratio: PAL CCIR 601 (16:9) Crop: None Padding: None Frame rate: (100% of source) Frame Controls: Automatically selected: Off Start timecode from source Aspect ratio: 16:9 Field dominance: Progressive In every single case, the footage plays perfectly on a computer, but the edges are noticeably cut off on a TV.Why isn't the DVD just fitting the footage to screen??When selecting the type of project in Brasero, select 'New Audio Project', then drag and drop the required audio tracks to the project folder and then burn the disc. If LLibrary is not added to your project when you run your gradle script, make sure you have Java 8u102 or higher installed! Launch Class Class(Launch Class ~[launchwrapper-1.12.jar:? The problem is that every single time I burn any of this footage to DVD, it works perfectly on a computer, but on dvd/tv, rather than letterboxing the tops and bottoms, the sides are cut off.

I have tried countless settings in my dvd burning software.

Go to the 'Image|Extract' menu item, and in the 'Extract' dialog box use 'Browse...' to select 'C:\Bootable CD Project\Extracted Files'. In Win Image, select 'File|New' , in the 'Format selection' dialog box, click 1.44 MB, then click 'OK'.

Click 'OK' and now those files are located on the hard drive in the subdirectory 'Extracted Files'.

(This topic is beyond the scope of this article, but an MD5 checksum is a cryptographic hash function used to check the integrity of files.) Inside the program, the audio can be auditioned via the onscreen playback controls or can be burned as a reference copy by the client's machine.

A PQ reference sheet can be viewed or printed, allowing the client to confirm spellings for CD TEXT and ISRC allocations.

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